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Most summers the Oberholtzer Foundation schedules and accepts applications for a variety of week-long programs on Mallard Island.

The island and the rustic buildings are fragile, but delightfully so. In awareness of this, the carrying capacity doesn't allow many people to visit during one season. . . and only 12 maximum at a time. We must be sure those who do come, do so because the island is uniquely qualified for what they hope to do while here.

2018 Mallard Island Programs

This coming summer, 2018, the Oberholtzer Foundation board of directors has called “a year of reflection and renewal.” They are defining that as a time for the island to rest, for the island systems to be examined and re-designed as needed, and for organizational leadership to take a long look at many different parts of the programs and uses on Mallard. Beth Waterhouse and board members have drafted an essay about this time of renewal as attached Read more...

In light of this renewal year, only three program weeks will be offered, and they are currently in the application phase. There will be no new programs on Mallard Island in 2018.

The application for work weeks, programs, or individual weeks for open programs can be printed here (or from the menu on the left). We look forward to hearing from you!

Individual Application Form (PDF file)

Please click on “Current Programs” to view a list of last year’s program offerings. We will say more about 2018 when it is known. You can also contact Beth Waterhouse, Executive Director, at for more information.

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