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We attempt to encourage/accept applications for projects (individual or group) which continue along the lines of Island use during Ober's lifetime.

We recommend people seek other sites for activities that can as easily be done in other places.

Projects (individual or group) which continue along the lines of Island use during Ober's lifetime would include programs:

  • In literature and the arts
  • In the biological and ecological sciences, environmental education, and conservation
  • Of or related to Anishinaabe / Ojibwe language and culture
  • Of or related to exploration of any wilderness
  • Related to topics for which our books (with a wide range of content) can be a source

The Board considers three types of applications:

  • Individuals - who have their own project/s for which the Island uniquely provides.
  • Individuals or small groups - who are willing to help with Island work projects in return for time on the Island.
    Our work needs are varied and include both mind and somewhat mindless tasks, heavy and light physical labor, ingenuity, and resourcefulness. No cost except share of meal purchase and prep.
  • Groups - with their own identified clientele and project appropriate to Island use.
    Examples include groups of writers, graphic artists, musicians, people of Indian heritage, book binders, ecologists, educators with interest in environmental issues, photographers, etc.

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