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Harry “Pinay” Boshkaykin

Harry “Pinay” Boshkaykin first canoed with Ober in 1945 when he was about 8 years old. Ober had hired Pinay's older half-brother, Bob Namaypok, a talented visual artist, to guide him on that trip, and Pinay tagged along.

After his half-brother died from tuberculosis at a young age, Pinay regularly accompanied Ober on his canoe trips, which often lasted more than a month.

As Ober had done with his earlier travel companion Billy Magee, he and Pinay often went out in search of moose. As reported by Joe Paddock, Pinay later described one of those trips:

“Ober never . . . had a gun. All he has are hatchets, little hatchets. I'd be scared. Sometimes a moose can run over you. But never done to us at all. If you talk bad things about animals, they hear you, what you say about them, and that's why they come after you.

“When we see a moose, Oberholtzer tried to say something with the moose sounds. I was scared. ‘Don't say that,’ I say. He made sounds like a moose. The moose is looking at us, big, you know, in front of the canoe. I paddled behind. A bull moose come over close. Yeah, he learned that, he learned to make the sounds of a moose. The moose was looking at us. Then he came toward us, about ten feet away. Oh, boy, Oberholtzer really laughing. He's joking and laughing. He waited for [another moose, and for] another picture. He laughs. He say, ‘That will make a nice picture. That was nice of you.’ He say to the moose, yah. I think he does talk to animals, try to say something. Oh, yes, I think so.”

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