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Spring 2017

  • Presevationists Visit Mallard
  • Dear Readers - Beth Waterhouse
  • Mallard Island Summer 2017
  • My parents: Robert Hugh Monahan, Jr. and Marian Willey Monahan
  • Excerpts From: Original Thinking, By Glenn Aparicio Parry
  • 2016: A Banner Year for the Oberholtzer Foundation

Winter 2016

  • Tay-tah-pah-swe-wi-tang
  • In the Words of Ernest Oberholtzer
  • Dear Readers - Beth Waterhouse
  • Introducing Fiona Reid Our New Webmaster
  • MINISINAANAKWADOOK by Pebaamibines
  • Dreams of Time by Thomas R. Smith
  • Mallard Island Program Weeks Summer of 2016
  • Dear Friends - Tim Heinle
  • 2015 Gifts in Honor or Memory of…

Spring 2015

  • Francis E. Andrews - A LAsting Legacy
  • In the Words of Ernest Oberholtzer
  • Dear Readers - Beth Waterhouse
  • New Leadership in 2015
  • Lessons from the Flood
  • Mallard Island Summer of 2015
  • Dear Friends - Tim Heinle
  • Gifts in Honor or Memory of...
  • Leap of Faith

Autumn 2014

  • And What a Summer it Was...
  • Dear Reader
  • Work Volunteers
  • In Celebration of Francis E. Andrews, part 2
  • A Flood, A Restoration: 2014
  • Dear Friends
  • Forestry on Crow

Winter 2014

  • Olaus and Mardy Murie
  • Designations from Donors
  • Frances Andrews, part 1
  • 2014 Summer Programs
  • Dear Readers
  • Letter from the Board President
  • "August Night on Mallard Island"

Autumn 2013

  • Howard Zahniser
  • From Ober's 1956 Journal
  • Hawk Island Vegetation Management 2013
  • Remembering Jim Banks
  • Summer Memories
  • A Word from the Treasurer
  • The Annual Fall Gathering

Winter 2013 [2.34 MB]

  • Glacial Fireplace Restored
  • Donors and Special Designations 2012
  • Rylanders' 25 Years of Island Work
  • Bob Jacobson Reflects on Ober's Journey
  • Mallard Summer Ahead
  • "Asiniig," by Louise Erdrich
  • A Letter from Our Board President

Autumn 2012 [2.34 MB]

  • Giiwewosaadang: Charlie Friday
  • From Ernest C. Oberholter
  • In Memorium
  • Coming Full Circle
  • Excerpts from the Front House Journal 2012
  • Making Time for Nothing
  • A Word from Our Board President
  • One Hundred Years Later - A Return

Winter 2012 [1.17 MB]

  • The Making of a Book
  • From Ernest C. Oberholter
  • Centennial Year Events
  • Dear Readers, by Beth Waterhouse
  • A Manitoba Tour
  • Mallard Summer 2012
  • Moving the Teepee to Hawk Island
  • Big House Fireplace Restoration
  • A Look Ahead, by Tim Heinle

Autumn 2011 [1.48 MB]

  • A Federal Park: Not Easy for Any Community
  • Francis Lee Jacques: Wilderness Artist
  • Centennial Year Ahead
  • Mallard Summer 2011
  • Letter from the Treasurer: Oberholtzer Foundation Flourishes in 2010
  • Fall Gathering Oct. 29

Winter 2011 [ .05 MB]

  • Gene Ritchie Monahan: creative, courageous, resilient, loving, and practical
  • From Ernest C. Oberholtzer
  • Mallard Summer Program Weeks 2011
  • Ober�s Legacy Extends to Houseboat
  • A Volunteer Story
  • Ober and His Rainy Lake World: Scans from the Rainy Lake Chronicle 1973 - 1982
  • Letter from the Treasurer: Oberholtzer Foundation Flourishes in 2010
  • Island Tour Days: Sept. 6, 7, 8 Dedicated to Voyageurs Park
  • Designations Deserving Special Mention

Autumn 2010 [.05 MB]

  • Bob & George Marshall: Living into Legacy
  • From Ernest C. Oberholtzer
  • Remembering Marnee Monahan, and Marnee Remembering
  • In Memory: John �Breck� Breckenridge
  • From Gold to Gold Mallard Island�s 2010 Summer Program
  • The Word from our (Intrepid) Treasurer
  • Eleventh Annual Oberholtzer Fall Gathering Saturday, October 23rd

Winter 2010 [4.8 MB]

  • “For the Permanent good of the Whole,” by Stewart Brandborg
  • From Ernest C. Oberholter
  • In Memoriam: Samuel W. White, 1919 to 2010,” by Jean Sanford Replinger
  • “In Sam White’s Words ”
  • “Dear Readers,” by Beth Waterhouse
  • Words of Howard Zahniser
  • 2010: Another Fine Summer on Mallard Isle
  • “East and West of Life” (poem), by Stephen Wilbers
  • The Flute as Common Ground
  • Volunteer Musician / Archivist Needed
  • “Outhouse Odors” (poem), by Pam Joern
  • From the Treasurer, by Tim Heinle
  • A Wish List for Mallard Island
  • Ober Island Tour Days to Repeat in 2010

Autumn 2009 [0.4 MB]

  • “Bill Holm: A Reflection,” by Jean Sanford Replinger
  • From Ernest C. Oberholter
  • “Dear Readers,” by Beth Waterhouse
  • “One Hundred Years Later,” by Beth Waterhouse
  • “An Afternoon wtih Ober,” by Steven M. Hanson
  • “A Query,” a poem by Shelby Gonzalez
  • “Our Frigate Friday”
  • “Reflections on a Summer of Lessons,” by Beth Waterhouse
  • “Mallard's Beautiful Brown Bats,” by Michael Dixon
  • “With renewed wild and creative juices,” by Timothy Young
  • “73,” a poem by Rev. Ted Tollefson
  • “Flute Workshop on Mallard in 2010”
  • Letter from the Treasurer, by Tim Heinle
  • A Message to Readers
  • “Tenth Annual Oberholtzer Foundation Fall Gathering -- November 7”

Winter 2009 [3.1 MB]

  • “A Vision of the Wild,” Mary Casanova on Ober's life and legacy
  • A passage describing Waba Kakagi, White Crow, an old medicine man, assumed to be Ober's writing, Ranier, January 10, 1916
  • “Newsnote from Jean Sanford Replinger”
  • “A Mallard Island Wish List”
  • “Dear Readers,” by Beth Waterhouse
  • “Silence,” a poem by Stephen Wilbers
  • “2009 Summer Schedule on Mallard Island”
  • “A Word from the Treasurer: We are upbeat as we enter 2009,” by Tim Heinle
  • “Chi Mi Frena,” a poem by Sarah Venart
  • “Wintertime Abundance,” thanks to contributors
  • “Town and Lake Tours on Ober's island”

Autumn 2008 [1.0 MB]

  • “A Very Special Blade of Grass,” Ray Anderson remembers Ober
  • Excerpt from a letter to historian Samuel Eliot Morison describing the unique character of Mallard Island, 1935, by Ernest C. Oberholtzer
  • “Interpreting the Mallard Island Legacy,” summary of a recent foundation board discussion
  • “Dear Readers,” by Beth Waterhouse
  • “Mallard's Summer of 2008,” by Beth Waterhouse
  • “Protected Forever,” permanent protection from the Minnesota Land Trust
  • “2009: A Big Year in Quetico Provincial Park”
  • “2009 Centennial Canoe Trips in Planning Stage ”
  • “Newsnote from Jean Sanford Replinger,” on Bill Holms' first visit to Mallard
  • Thank you to contributors
  • “Checkers,” poem by Pam Carter Joern
  • “Oberholtzer Foundation—Financial Outlook,” by Tim Heinle, Treasurer
  • “An Arts Cafe: The Ninth Annual Oberholtzer Foundation Fall Gathering”

Winter 2008 [4.0 MB]

  • “A Moonlit Return from Ober's island”
  • Excerpt from “American Forests,” describing the Quetico-Superior Project, Sept. 1944, by Ernest C. Oberholtzer
  • “Meet the Rundell Family”
  • “Dear Readers,” by Beth Waterhouse
  • Mallard Island 2008 Summer Program Opportunities
  • “Days on Mallard Island” (poem), by Beth Waterhouse
  • “When the Great-Great Owl Howls over the Outhouse and I am in It ” (poem), by Joe Paddock
  • “Gardening on Mallard Island,” excerpts from the Planting Book, Autumn 1952
  • “Memories from Bruce Littlejohn”
  • “Big Physical Improvements Made on Oberholtzer Islands in '07,” by Tim Heinle, Treasurer
  • “Ted Bread” (a recipe)
  • Jean Replinger Introduces Two New Board Members: Diane Tessari and Mike Reid

Autumn 2007 [1.7 MB]

  • “A Contining Journey” by Mary Swalla Holmes
  • Board summer planning retreat
  • “Dear Readers,” by Beth Waterhouse
  • “Roddy Hall: An Early Force on Mallard Island”
  • Cabins of Minnesota
  • “Island of Books” (poem) by Thomas R. Smith
  • “Two Men and a Single Canoe” by Joe Paddock
  • “Work Starts on Big House” by Tim Heinle
  • “Board Announces Leadership Transition” by Elaine Thrune

Spring 2007 [3.6 MB]

  • “A Valedictory Outing” (part two) by Dick Niemi (canoeing with Ober)
  • Excerpt from ”The Lakes of Verendrye—A University of the Wilberness” (Sept. 1929), by Ernest C. Oberholtzer
  • “Big Projects Set for Summer of 2007: Your Support is Needed,” by Tim Heinle
  • “Dear Readers,” by Beth Waterhouse
  • Mallard island Summer Schedule: 2007
  • “Brimful” (poem), by Joe Paddock
  • “From Mallard Island” (poems), by Edith Rylander
  • “Across a Dozen Summers,” by Beth Waterhouse
  • Call for Photographs, by Mary Swalla Holmes
  • “Morning on Mallard,” by Todd Harper

Autumn 2006 [2.5 MB]

  • “A Youth and a Gentleman” (part one) by Dick Niemi (memories of Ober)
  • Excerpt from ”American Forests” (Sept. 1944), looking toward the end of World War II and considering the Quetico-Superior Project as a collaborative venture between the United States and Canada, by Ernest C. Oberholtzer
  • “Mary Casonova—Writer from Ranier” (interview)
  • Note from Tim Heinle, Board Treasurer
  • “Where Better to Begin?” by Beth Waterhouse
  • “Dear Readers,” by Beth Waterhouse
  • “Six Decades Later, Book Orders Tell a Story,” by Jean Sanford Replinger
  • “Mallard island: 2006 Summer highlights,” by Mary Swalla Holmes
  • “Mapping the Island” (poem), by Scott King
  • The Seventh Annual ”Friends of Ober” Fall Gathering
  • “Life Dream” (poem), by Joe Paddock

Winter 2006 [2.8 MB]

  • Excerpt from “The Lakes of Verendrye—A University of the Wilberness” (Nov. 1929), from the proposal for the Ontario-Minnesota Border Lakes Treaty, by Ernest C. Oberholtzer
  • “A Note from the (Former) President,” by Doug Wood
  • “Dear Readers,” by Beth Waterhouse
  • Mary Swalla Holmes Appointed to Position of Executive Director Says, by Mary Swalla Holmes
  • “Edgar Bliss: General Merchant and Trader; Mine Center, Ontario, Canada,” by Jean Sanford Replinger
  • “A Word from the Treasurer,” by Tim Heinle
  • “Thousands of Books: Thought, Imagination, and Story,” excerpt from Keeper of the Wild by Joe Paddock
  • “Spirit Books,” ”Birthday Poem: for Joe” (poems), by Stephen Wilbers

Fall 2005 [.6 MB]

  • Excerpt from ”American Forests,” Oct. 1929, by Ernest C. Oberholtzer
  • The Sixth Annual ”Friends of Ober” Fall Gathering
  • “Edie Rylander Resigns as Newsletter Editor after 15 Years,” by Jean Sanford Replinger
  • “Edie Writes,” by Edith Rylander
  • “Dear Readers,” by Beth Waterhouse
  • “The Return of the Virginia,” by Mary Swalla Holmes
  • “Songbirds Banded on Mallard and Crow,” by Jim Fitzpatrick and Tom Bell
  • “Lessons from Hawk Island,” by Beth Waterhouse
  • Honoring Charlie Kelly
  • “Introducing John Roth,” by Doug Wood
  • “Late Summer Greetings!” by Mary Swalla Holmes

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