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“Heard and saw a catbird signing brilliantly in a tall chokecherry tree. Mallard at sunset. . . heard fireworks at the Boy's Camp. Went on the roof in the hope of seeing some. Instead saw a tall crescent moon setting far in the northwest.”

“Brilliant Blackburnian warbler, male, found dead in front of main house. Had probably flown into the house and broken its neck. Vivid orange throat and neck. Dash of orange on forehead in front of each eye. Larger patches on shoulders. Ebony black on rest of head and down center of back. Tail black with soft white down near rump on each side. Wings black except one lateral white feather midway. Underbody white but striated with black near wings and shoulders. Buried him in Snippie's grave on July 7, 1954. It was such a thing of beauty that I could hardly believe it dead.”

–Ober, journal entry, 1957

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