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Originally used as a toolshed, this small building is situated on the east end of the island overlooking the channel between Mallard and Hawk islands. Life jackets and paddles hang from one side, and a nearby dock offers easy access for an afternoon paddle.

Despite its name, the Library is by no means the only building on the island containing books. In fact, with the exception of the Wannigan, the Japanese House, and the composting toilets, every building's walls are lined with books.

As Joe Paddock writes, “Through the mails, Ober built a truly marvelous collection of second-hand books, an island library of huge proportions. Everywhere among his papers one discovers correspondence with secondhand booksellers in London, Toronto, San Francisco, and New York. In time, the walls of all the dwellings on the island were covered by more than 11,000 volumes, very likely the finest private collection in the North Country.”

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